Parts of South Africa and Lesotho are covered with snow up to 20 centimeters deep

Over the weekend, parts of South Africa and Lesotho were transformed into a winter wonderland: snow covered the ground. On the one hand – at least the locals will see snow, but on the other hand – the residents were not prepared for such surprises.

The South African Weather Service issued a warning before the weekend that the snowfall could be “devastating” in some parts of the country.

Some areas, such as the mountain resort of Afriski in Lesotho, received more snow than expected, leading to road closures and power outages.

According to Peter Peiper, the resort’s managing director, they were expecting 5 to 10 cm of snow, but instead received more than 20 cm of snow.

“Strong winds Saturday night also caused snow drifts on the roads. Diamond Mine, 40 km away, sent a bulldozer to clear the road, which allowed guests to leave the resort safely by 2 p.m. Sunday,” he said.

Although guests enjoyed a heavy snowfall and conditions were great for skiing, it caused some problems for resort management, Papeer said.

“We lost power for about four hours on Sunday because of ice on the power lines,” he told News24.

South African Weather Service forecaster Kgolo Mahlangu said the snowfall is caused by a combination of systems cutting off the lowlands and the South Atlantic high pressure system.

Some of the lowest maximum temperatures were recorded in Elliot (2 degrees), Sheilburn (2 degrees) and Giants Castle (4 degrees), Mahlangu said.

“Over the next seven days, we expect a series of cold fronts to move through coastal areas starting Tuesday. We can expect frontal showers and rainfall on the coast of the Western and Eastern Cape and adjacent inland areas that will extend into KwaZulu-Natal,” she said.

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