Rain and hail fell on the Blagoveshchensk

The strongest rain storm in places and hail covered the capital of the Amur region in the last hours. Eyewitnesses reported that many of the streets of Blagoveshchensk was under water and some homes lost power.

The hail passed, and in the district of the regional center of the Amur region and in the city. In Blagoveshchensk, the people had to run out in the yard with blankets and cover the cars.

“What’s going on with this weather?”, “Grad was in Ivanovka village of Ivanovo district! Came to visit my mother but on the Lotus to see. Now run the machine with a blanket of hail covered. Hailstones with a diameter of 3 inches – for the first time on that kind felt,” write the Blagoveschensk inhabitants.

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