Rains can trigger the gathering of large debris flows on Sakhalin island, Russia

Storm cyclone, which tonight went to Sakhalin, can lead to a descent of mudflows and landslides in the South Central part of the island. This was announced by Deputy Director of the Sakhalin branch of far East geological Institute Feb RAS Yuri Gensiorovskiy.

While fresh gatherings there, but on the territory of the Makarov, Nogliki, Poronaisk districts possible mudflows and activation of landslides in any case – will be a strong precipitation or not. Now the situation is such that I can begin to move very large landslides. This is due to the fact that in August and early September precipitation was above the norm and they continue, – said the scientist.

He noted that if there’s heavy rainfall, mudslides and landslides are possible on the territory of Kholmsk and Nevelsk districts, as well as on the coastline, in quarries, on roadsides of roads and Railways.

On Sakhalin declared a storm warning in connection with approach of a storm, cyclone, heavy rains are expected in the territory of the ten districts of the Sakhalin oblast. As reported in Sakhhydromet, at present, Sakhalin is in the zone of frontal sections. The rains started at night and continued this morning, the day will be the gain. Maximum rainfall is expected South of the Makarov area, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The wound was reported that on the night of 31 August, the Sakhalin came under the influence of Typhoon Lionrock. In the Makarov district dropped out more monthly norm of precipitation. Per day there fell more than 40 mudslides and landslides had eroded parts of the railroad. During the passage of the cyclone was damaged about 15 sites, separate erosion reached 40 meters. To restore the movement of trains was only on 4 September.

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