Rats occupied the Kazakh city of Alma-ATA

Almaty residents are afraid for their children because of the rat infestation. Rodents keep at Bay the entire neighborhoods. And peddlers of dangerous infections every day becomes more and more. To cope with on their own residents.

Askhat Asanov was always glad that he lives in an ecologically clean part of Almaty. But lately they with the neighbors grew restless. Under cover of darkness they began to take the trash infested rodents.

ASKHAT ASIANOW a resident of MD. “Botanical garden”:

– We were trying to solve, the phone hanging on the street. We called them, they say, six acres of land of 100 thousand tenge, please, and here, see almost two hectares. Two hectares is about almost 3.5 million.

From the visits tailed tired and Kunsulu Saifetdinova. Her plot and abandoned the territory shared a concrete fence, but for rats it’s not a barrier. Residents fear the outbreak of infections.

KUNSULU SAIFETDINOVA a resident of MD. “Botanical garden”:

– The last two years it is something of a mess. Rats go like rabbits. Through these outfalls, through the holes in the yard here, and I have small children. I have four young children. In the courtyard we stand, watch and run all home.

NURGALI KARABAYEV, a correspondent:

Is the only path that connects the residential area with the Park. Every day on this road people go for a walk with the kids. But in recent time due to growth in the number of rodents, the tenants are afraid to walk on it. I’m afraid that rats can attack children.

In service surveillance of Almaty announced that the annual poisoned rodents. To date, such work has been completed in five districts of the city. But they multiply so fast that you have to destroy them every six months.

SAYAT TIUMENBAEV, head of the Department of consumer protection Almaty:

– Today rodent control began in Bostandyk district and it will be conducted over five days. Upon completion of disinfestation in 5-6 days you will see the results. The effectiveness of these measures is quite high, more than 80% destruction.

Also, the Department of consumer protection said that if the townspeople will be faced with a rat infestation, it is necessary to apply to the KSK. But if the cooperative does not fulfill its obligations, in this case, it is recommended to write or call in the SES.

Alma-ATA, Almaty is the Kazakhstan’s largest city, known as the “southern Capital”.

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