Real threats capable of destroying mankind

Today there are many theories of how the world will end and what scenario to wait for his development. Scholars have expressed various versions are, and the closer the announced date, the more options.

Throughout human history, repeatedly predicted the date of doomsday. They are often connected with the entry into the new Millennium. And if we consider all the predicted timing of death to the civilization of mankind, the Apocalypse has long had come.

Prophecies were made by different people in all ages. Among them are scientists, and seers: Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Vanga, Arthur Clark, wolf messing, Matrona of Moscow, St. Seraphim of Sarov, Maria Duval, the Monk Abel and others. The last time scientists started talking seriously about the end of the world, as prerequisites to destruction of our planet every day becomes more and more. Here is the scenario of global catastrophe that are considered seriously.

The Death Of The Sun

According to scientists, “our house” could ruin “worn out” the Sun. In this scenario, the end of the world is held very simple: a heavenly body reaches the limit and explode. As the heat of the Stars in the atmosphere will be a little carbon dioxide will cause strong evaporation, dry up the oceans, kill plants, and then animals. It has been established that the surface temperature is constantly rising, and at a certain time reach a critical point. It will not survive any living being. Thus, super giant, continuing to heat up and expand in size, will make a desert of the once flourishing planet.

Stars like our Sun live for about 12 billion years. Half of his resources almost exhausted reserves of hydrogen fuel left for a few million years. The shining light that gave us life, will ruin all!

The movement of the magnetic poles

The change of the magnetic poles of our planet will lead to the extinction of the human race and all living things already in 2021. Today the magnetic pole moves to Siberia from North America. The Northern lights will soon be seen in Europe and not in Alaska. The territory of America will split into several parts. Almost all of Japan will be flooded. The pole shift will result in powerful eruptions.

Radical changes are waiting for Antarctica and the Arctic. The cold climate will be tropical. Where once was permafrost, bloom fern. The melting of huge glaciers will lead to a catastrophic rise in global sea level. Much of the land will go under water.

It should be noted that these predictions are gradually gaining strength and not seem like a fairy tale. Since 2000, scientists have observed the movement of the magnetic poles. In recent years this process has become irreversible, the pole has shifted to the 220 km that changed climatic conditions on Earth. It was much warmer.

The Asteroid “Apophis”

Another reason for the end of the world is a collision with the earth the huge asteroid. “Apophis”, having a mass of 50 million tonnes, hurtles towards the planet with great speed and will have to approach it as close as possible April 13, 2029 at 04.36 am GMT. Astronomers are 99% confident rock will be from the surface of the Earth in the 32 to 34 thousand km, which is a very safe distance. The threat will overtake humanity if “Apophis” will be in 30 thousand km Then the object will enter the zone of gravity, and the collision becomes inevitable. However, experts believe that up to this time, systems will be built, able to destroy the “cosmic enemy”.

It is likely that in the twenty-first century, Earth may face 11 space objects of large size. 4 collision will occur until 2045. Today, scientists around the world now has the task to help humanity to survive as a result of collision with large asteroids. “Apophis” is the most dangerous. If the stone-a block of ice with a diameter of 300 m. falls into the ocean, forming a funnel with a diameter of 8 km, depth 3 km, and the height of the waves that emerged after the fall of the object, will be more than 20 m in height.

As the only asteroid will hit the Earth’s surface, an explosion with a capacity of 200 megatons, which is equivalent to 60 000 bombs dropped on Hiroshima. The tsunami that occurred after the fall of the “Apophis”, will sweep away everything in its path.

The name of the asteroid speaks for itself. Apophis — Egyptian God of destruction and darkness, terrifying the people. However, scientists still tend to a positive scenario. The face in space with another object, “Apophis” can change the trajectory and then the end of the world in 2029 will come. The next date when the maximum dangerous asteroid will approach the Earth, will be 2036.

A revival of the mega-volcano

There is another version of the death of all living things – the eruption of a super volcano. In such a scenario, all the continents of the Earth covered meter layer of ash, evaporate water, agriculture will be destroyed. Such volcanoes on the planet, there are about 20. The most dangerous of them is the volcano, located in Central Yellowstone national Park. If there is its eruption, what to prepare humanity? Will it be able to survive?

After studying satellite images, scientists have made a startling discovery: in the center of the Park is the basin (Caldera), which was formed in the eruption of the volcano. Its dimensions are staggering: 55х72 km. Examining this basin, the experts were shocked. In the depths of the Caldera at a depth of 10 km is a huge magma chamber or bladder with a volume of 4,000 cubic kilometers of This bubble is the “heart” of the super-volcano, which continues to beat.

During the last eruption the volcano spewed into the atmosphere more than 3,000 cubic km of ash and rock. When compared with Vesuvius that buried Pompeii, the atmosphere was thrown about 3 cubic km of rock and natural products crushing magma.

At the moment, the geothermal activity of the volcano in the U.S. the Park is very large. Will she be able to lead to the eruption and what will be its magnitude – the questions are still relevant. In addition, the researchers found that the size of magmatic bubble increase in size. Is it possible new eruption of super-volcano? Yes, definitely! However, the exact date can not be called one. Experts predict that the eruption will happen until 2075. If the Yellowstone volcano blows, it drags a series of other eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. The world will be threatened by the end of the world: superheated mix of ash, rocks, dust, gases, moving at a speed of hundreds of kilometers per hour. Then a huge pillar of emissions will spread throughout the atmosphere and increases the greenhouse effect. This mixture will destroy the ozone layer not only over the United States. Radioactive contamination will be observed across the planet. The blast wave has come to Kamchatka. It is known that on its territory the largest number of volcanoes that are ready to “Wake up”.

Further – more. Hunger in countries with a large population, riots, radiation, failures of nuclear power plants. However, according to some scientists, one person out of thousands will still be able to survive. So, there is hope!

The theme of the end of the world has become the most popular over the past few years. Discuss it in the media, remove the disaster movies, on television have reported about the new dates, foretold by modern prophets. Should we be afraid of mankind end of the world, and you can still make a difference? Only time will tell.

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