Record rains caused flooding in Israel

Record rains caused floods in the southern Israeli region of the Negev. Under the water, the cities of Sderot and Ashkelon plunged. Cars literally floated along the flooded streets. In some places the water level reached one meter. Local residents were caught off guard by abnormal precipitation for this time.

As local meteorologists note, so powerful showers in June are a rarity in Israel. So in the Dorot area in the western Negev on Thursday morning, 64 mm of precipitation was recorded, as a result of which the previous record was broken for one day in June at 50 mm.

Heavy rains were observed on Tuesday and Wednesday also in northern Israel. Difficult weather conditions have led to interruptions in the supply of electricity in several cities in the Galilee region.

The rainy season in Israel, as a rule, ends in March.

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