Record rains hit Guangdong Province in China

Over the past two days, thunderstorms, strong winds and heavy rains have hit many areas of Guangdong. Heavy rains began in the Pearl River Delta, western Guangdong and other cities. Such rainfall is expected to continue over the next few days. Due to flooding and other threats, Guangdong has declared emergency measures to prevent level IV flooding.

On May 31, the city of Longhua, Longmen, Guangdong, began a heavy downpour that broke a historical record. The amount of rainfall in 3 hours reached 400.9 mm, breaking the historical record of 3-hour rainfall in Guangdong.

And how terrible is this 400.9mm downpour? According to the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau, the average annual rainfall in Beijing is about 600 mm, which also means that the 3-hour rainfall in Longhua City has almost reached the amount of rain that falls most of the year in Beijing.

The heavy rainfall has affected the daily life of local people. There was a large landslide in the mountains along some road sections in Lunmen County, a landslide of earth and stone that buried the road, it caused disruptions in road traffic.

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