Record warming in April will be replaced by record cold snap

Temperatures in much of northwest Europe have hit record highs and the region has experienced unusually warm weather since the UK, which recorded its warmest March day in 53 years, when temperatures rose above 24 ° C, but this warming will not last long.

The thermal dome is predicted to dissipate in the coming days, and a new wave of cold is expected over Iceland and northern Britain.

Significantly colder in the coming days, primarily in southeastern Europe. From April 3 to April 5, a cold wave will invade Russia, then from 5 to 9 it will be replaced by a warm front, but from April 9, a cold wave will again arrive, which will dominate until the end of April.

A significant cooling should be expected in the coming days, first from the northeast and centered in southeastern Europe from April 3. This will be followed by another significant and widespread cold wave, which will first affect the UK and then spread over a large area. Europe.

A cold snap will also bring snow to many parts of the continent, mainly the Alps and Balkans.

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