Residents of the US West Coast may face water shortages

American authorities said the Colorado River may not have enough water to meet the needs of tens of millions of people in the west of the country.

“With historic drought and decreasing runoff in the Colorado River Basin, the discharge from the Glen Canyon Dam (at Powell Reservoir) and Hoover Dam (at Mead Reservoir) will be reduced <...> Downstream amid declining [discharge ] for the first time, a water shortage is announced, which speaks of the danger of drought and the deterioration of the state of reservoirs, ”the department said.

According to official figures, the water flow into the Powell Reservoir located in the upper reaches of Colorado from April to July 2021 was only 26% of the norm. And the Mead Reservoir, the largest in the United States, which is located downstream of the river, will only be replenished by a third in 2021.

As the Associated press writes, the decrease in the volume of water in the reservoirs of the Colorado Basin is happening faster than experts predicted. They note that the river has become shallower due to global warming, which has led to a decrease in snow cover in the Rocky Mountains, where the source of Colorado is located.

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