Romania was hit by a hurricane

Eight people were killed as a result of the squally wind that raged on Sunday evening in the west of Romania.

So, in Timişoara, a broken branch collapsed on a woman in a zoo, and a passerby received a deadly blow on the street with a billboard that fell from the wall. People also died in the cities of Buziash, Arad and Bistrita-Nasoud.

More than 60 people were taken to hospitals. Fallen trees, broken roofs, blocked roads, damaged cars in the counties of Arad, Satu Mare, Cluj, Salazh, Karash Severin. Pouring rain and wind, the speed of which exceeded 27 m / s, led to interruptions in the power supply of several cities.

President of Romania Klaus Johannis sent condolences to the families of those killed and injured as a result of the disaster.

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