Rostov region threatens a plague of locusts

Locust invasion threatens crops in Rostov region, said the head of the don Ministry of agriculture and food Konstantin Rafalowski.

According to the Minister, the main danger for the Rostov region is the locust, wintered in the adjacent regions. In particular, the area of infection in the Stavropol region amounted to 120 thousand hectares in Dagestan — 40 thousand ha.

“There are now locusts and in Kalmykia. And all this sooner or later can come to us. There is danger, and now it is important not to let the locust be consolidated”, — said Konstantin Rafalowski.

He said that in the Rostov region also recorded the colonization of overwintered locust on the area of 1.6 thousand hectares.

At this point in the region with air from the treated pest is 560 hectares. the Main work to prevent the spread of locusts carried out in the proletarian districts and Pescanokopskoe.

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