Russia: Ball lightning struck an apartment house in the Moscow region

A family of many children living in the village of Podlesnaya Sloboda in Lukhovitsy city district has been left homeless. A ball lightning crashed into a three-storey cottage, exploded and caused a serious fire – the roof, second floor and the interior rooms were completely burnt out.

Fortunately, no people were injured, and the lower floor of the brick house survived.

Everything happened unexpectedly: The previous night the couple heard a loud bang and felt a bang from outside.

– The electricity went out right away”, says Oksana T., the owner. “Then it suddenly got very bright and I saw lightening outside the windows. Sparks were sprinkled through the roof from above, igniting the bed and carpet. Then my neighbors told me that a huge glowing ball hit our roof and flew parallel to the ground. People within a 5-kilometer radius heard the explosion!

According to Oksana, she distinctly remembered the desperate cry of her younger son from his room: “Burning, burning! The child still can’t come to his senses. Members of the family managed to grab documents and some belongings, and everyone ran out of the house with everything they had on.

Neighbors provided the fire victims with clothes for the first time. But now the family also needs help from the people of the region to rebuild their home. So far Oksana has sent her children to their grandmother who lives ten kilometers away. But soon the first of September, the woman is worried that the younger ones will not be able to go to school, as there is no place to live.

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