Russia. Flood in Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk, most of the houses that were left without light due to torrential rains have been connected to the power grids. It is also reported that traffic on almost all streets has been restored. The scales of the disaster are eloquently told by the local residents. The forecasters, meanwhile, foreshadow new and no less abundant rainfall.

The element stormed into Krasnoyarsk at night, but until now the city is literally paralyzed by rivers formed on the site of motor roads and pedestrian streets.

Streets of Kalinin, Maierchak, the Republic, the Overpass – by car there is no longer to pass, everywhere in the city they discover flooded cars. Staff – a match for the film-catastrophe.

Early in the morning, all the city’s profile services were raised in alarm, but it is not possible to completely eliminate the consequences of the “tropical rainstorm” unusual for these places.

“About a hundred houses were left without electricity, about the same number of floods, not only houses, but also traffic lights are connected to electricity by operational services, several streets were flooded, three sections of roads were flooded, vehicles were flooded, several were flooded in full. Several places fell asphalt, “- said the correspondent of GTRK” Krasnoyarsk “Kirill Makarov.

People are being evacuated from flooded houses. With the incoming water are struggling in all possible ways, on the street special equipment – pumping machines and motor pumps.

“The fire and rescue units of Krasnoyarsk are still working today to eliminate the consequences of heavy rain that was in our city today early in the morning.With the help of the fire and pumping station, water is pumped out in the private residential sector of the railway district in the city of Krasnoyarsk,” said the head of the press service The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Yakimov.

The day before the local Emergency Situations Ministry warned residents about the anomalous rains. Most Krasnoyarsk residents refrained from entering the street on Sunday – the terrible cadres of bad weather are being removed from the windows of their apartments.

True, many people can not leave the house even if they want to – approaches to the entrances of residential buildings are simply blocked by turbulent flows. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region is not encouraging: torrential rains will rage in Krasnoyarsk for at least 48 hours.

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