Russia: In Moscow bloomed lilac

Astonished eyewitnesses share photos of the September flowering of lilac in Moscow and Moscow region. Despite the cold (for plants) weather, some of the buds opened buds.

What was the March in Moscow?

In the first decade of the month the weather was mostly autumn in nature. However, the average temperature is 14.5) 1.7 degrees higher than normal ( 12,8). The maximum temperature of the period 23, the minimum of 9.1. Rain fell the usual amount (20 mm), or 91 % of the average multi-year (21.9 mm).

The second decade was the usual: at a rate of 11.0 average temperature was 11.0. The maximum temperature of 22.2, minimum of 5.2. Dropped 15 inches of rain, or 69 % of the average multi-year (21.6 mm).


The third decade of becoming the most cool: the average temperature will be around 9 (normal is 9.3). Got about 20 inches of rain (the norm of 21.5).

Preliminary results temperature and rainfall the entire month is about the norm: the temperature anomaly of 0.5 degrees, precipitation was 90% of the average.

Usually when the lilacs bloom?

There are more than 2,300 varieties of lilacs, two thirds of them obtained with the participation of the common lilac. Flowering times of different varieties can also be different. If we talk about the common lilac, it usually blooms in may and early June (in the South, flowering begins a bit earlier).

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