Russia: In Primorye, eliminate the effects of Typhoon Lionrock

In Primorye, for the last days the restored telephone contact with nine floods cut off villages. In seven settlements have managed to connect electricity. Energy restored air line, damaged during the Typhoon Lionrock.

Without the light still remain hundreds of homes. To give light to them is not yet possible, because in the premises is wet wiring. You need to check the transformers, many of which were in the water completely.

In areas where flood water receded, emergency workers and military help the residents to clear homes and gardens. The premises are dried using heat guns. And much more equipment, and various useful goods (including food and clothing) bring in Primorye aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Ministry. Late the previous evening from the airfield near Moscow Ramenskoye flew regular Il-76, which takes you to the region humanitarian aid.

In Primorye, eliminate the effects of the passage of the Typhoon, which brought to the region a three-month norm of precipitation. After

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