Russia, Primorye: to help the victims come military

Residents of Primorye, who suffered from the floods will soon get a new batch of humanitarian aid. The cargo will be delivered special convoy of the defense Ministry, but rather the connection of the marine corps Pacific fleet.

Military vehicles arrived at the airport in Vladivostok. There in the car loaded with food rations, drinking water heaters and generators. From the capital region of convoys, the Marines will travel to the villages of Lazo and Chuguevka. The cargo will be transferred to local authorities to provide targeted assistance to residents.

Group the military Department, which helps to eliminate the effects of the Typhoon Lionrock, has 3.5 thousand people, 400 units of special equipment and almost two dozen aircraft. Only in the last 10 days division of the Ministry of defense was taken in the flooded districts of Primorye more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid.

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