Sandstorm hits Cairo and northern Egypt

Egyptian authorities have urged Cairo residents not to go outside and not open windows due to the sandstorm. This was reported by the government newspaper Al-Dostour with reference to the director of the Center for Remote Sensing of the Egyptian Meteorological Office, Iman Shaker.

According to him, the warning applies to the entire north of the country. According to him, air masses fell on Egypt, which brought sand from the regions of Western Sahara.

Shaker also said that as a result of the storm, the waves in the Mediterranean reached five meters, as a result of which maritime shipping and the operation of gas pipelines in the port of Alexandria were completely stopped.

According to Al-Dostour, due to bad weather, schools were closed in four provinces at once: Marsa Matruh, Alexandria, Kafr el-Sheikh and Buheira.

According to weather forecasters, bad weather will last for the next few days.

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