Sandstorm in Egypt kills one person, injures five

A sandstorm swept the Egyptian capital on Thursday, with tragic consequences. The collapse of a billboard killed one person and injured five others.

Sandstorms are common in Egypt in the spring. They cause breathing problems and can cause buildings and other structures to collapse. Therefore, authorities must be prepared for such natural phenomena and take measures to protect citizens.

What can be done to avoid such cases? Experts recommend the following:

1. avoid going outside during sandstorms.

2. If you do have to go outside, wear a mask to protect you from dust and sand.

3. Check the condition of roofs and other structures on your property to avoid collapse during the storm.

4. Watch the weather forecast and act accordingly.

It is important to remember that sandstorms are serious natural phenomena that can lead to tragic consequences. Therefore, you should be prepared for such situations and take measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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