Saudi Arabia has suffered from floods and snowfalls

7 people were killed and many others injured in result of heavy rains and floods that engulfed various regions of Saudi Arabia.

As a result of natural disasters also destroyed many houses and damaged cars. Numerous cars were stuck in a “water trap” on the flooded roads. In many localities has been suspended classes in schools. Sometimes experience crashes in energy supply.


As a result of a lightning strike in al-Confide in Makkah province, two people were killed and two were injured. The victims were hospitalized.

In the city of bisha powerful downpour did not abate within three hours. In a traffic accident during bad weather, three people were killed and two were injured.

In the administrative district of al-Baha, two people were killed, six others injured. As previously reported, in Central and North-Western parts of Saudi Arabia, where even in November, the thermometer usually does not fall below 20 °C, the temperature reached 0 °C and snow fell.

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