Scientists are monitoring the volcano Ubinas using drones

These frames over an active volcano Ubinas in Peru made unmanned aerial vehicle. A similar survey was conducted here for the first time. The drone flew over the crater of fire mountain at an altitude of 6000 meters above the sea level.

The device was developed by the specialists of the company Innovate Peru in the framework of the project “monitoring System of volcanoes using unmanned aerial vehicles”. All in all, were built two drone.

Now with their help volcanologists will observe the behavior of Ubinas. Recently they went up the mountain to conduct research. However, drones will help them to get more precise information about the activity of the volcano.

Ubinas is located in southwestern Peru. The first eruption was in 1550. Until 1969, the volcano has erupted 16 times, then fell silent. However, in April 2006, again the eruption began. Near the Ubinas town was covered with clouds of ash and toxic gases. The eruption lasted until the summer of 2007.

Since September 2013, the volcano is becoming more active. The last eruption occurred in January of this year. Then the smoke rose to a height of more than three kilometers. A nearby city was again in the clouds of ash and smoke.

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