Scientists believe floods in Europe will become more frequent due to climate change

The likelihood of a repeat of extreme showers and floods, such as those that happened in Europe this summer, has increased due to global climate change, according to researchers from the group World Weather Attributions, the findings of which are quoted by the BBC.

Scientists say that global warming has increased the likelihood of such rains in Western Europe by 1.2-9 times. According to them, rainfall in this region became 3-19% stronger due to global warming caused by human activities.

According to the researchers, in the current climate anywhere in Western Europe, showers like the July one may occur once every 400 years, but due to the continued growth of greenhouse gas emissions and rising temperatures, such phenomena will occur more often.

In July in Germany, Belgium and other parts of Western Europe, heavy rains led to devastating floods, killing more than 220 people. The streams of water carried away cars and entire houses.

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