Scientists fear the eruption of the volcano Bardarbunga in Iceland

Scientists fear that the largest volcano in Iceland could soon explode, throwing a giant cloud of ash that could cause global problems.

Over the past few days, the volcano Bardarbunga has shown increased activity, which was prompted by several strong earthquakes that occurred in the volcano area.

Now experts are afraid that these earthquakes mean that a new eruption may occur at any time. Expert volcanologist Pall Einarsson from the University of Iceland said that the recent earthquakes are part of a series that “has been going on for two years”.

Einarsson says: “The volcano is clearly preparing for another eruption, which may occur in the next few years. Earthquakes last week are just symptoms of this process, they have not yet caused a volcanic eruption, but are a very dangerous sign of a forthcoming eruption. It is impossible to accurately predict when a volcano will explode, but the authorities of Iceland should take measures to prepare for a catastrophic eruption. ”

If the Bardarbung volcano explodes, it can lead to emissions of sings and poisonous gases that will affect the quality of air in Iceland, and potentially an ash cloud that can cover the whole of Europe.

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