Scientists have developed a method of turning human waste into an oil

Scientists from Pacific Northwest national laboratory in the United States have developed a method of turning excrement into a substance with properties resembling oil. In the future this approach may become the primary way of obtaining fuel oils.

The transformation is made using a process called hydrothermal liquefaction. It simulates the conditions, which lead to the formation of oil in nature, for example, high pressure and temperature.

However, according to scientists, the transformation takes only a few minutes, although in the natural environment it took millions of years. Waste, located in a special tube under high pressure, heated to 650 degrees Celsius.

The result is a combustible oily liquid. According to experts, one person produces the raw material, the amount of which is sufficient to produce two to three gallons of fuel.

In 2013, the Korean engineers put the strain of Escherichia coli that is able to create gasoline. In March 2016, scientists from the University of California announced that they want to use the waste as fuel for vehicles.

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