Scientists have told us when to expect the next volcanic eruption of Yellowstone

Scientists at the University of Arizona during new research concluded that the Yellowstone volcano threatens a global catastrophe for all life on the planet.

It should be clarified that earlier it was believed that all the processes leading to the eruption of the volcano will take thousands of years, but now scientists are sure of the opposite. The new study allowed us to make disappointing forecasts, after which the Network users began to bet on the Yellowstone explosion for several months.

Scientists from the University of Arizona in the US conducted an analysis of fossil ash minerals from the latest eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcan and concluded that the volcano last woke up after two infusions of fresh magma that swam into the reservoir under the caldera.

It turned out that critical changes in the temperature and composition of magma accumulated for literally several decades, whereas earlier specialists assumed that it would take centuries to implement such a transition.

As shown in a study conducted in 2013, a reservoir with a supernovolcan-feeding magma is approximately 2.5 times higher than all previous estimates.

Also, experts are sure that the reservoir is dried after every powerful explosion, so it was believed that the super volcano required a lot of time to recover. However, it has now become clear that the process is much faster, and the super-volcano can explode in the next decade.

“It’s amazing how little time is needed for the volcanic system to move from a calm state to an eruption,” co-author Hanna Shamlu told the New York Times.

Yellowstone is one of the most watched volcanoes in the world, however, according to an observer at the Observatory observing the Yellowstone volcano for US geological survey Michael Poland, the super volcano is now still safe for humans.

“We constantly see something interesting, but did not see anything that could lead us to the idea that some magmatic event, described by scientists, did take place,” the scientist said.

According to researchers, the Yellowstone super volcano survived at least two eruptions in the last few million years. Perhaps the most famous super volcano in Yellowstone is considered because there is a national park with a huge flow of tourists.

In fact, this is not a volcano, but a volcanic caldera – a giant depression measuring 80 to 40 km, which was formed over millions of years as a result of several super-eruptions. The last happened 640 thousand years ago. And the next can happen at any time.

The US Geological Survey modeled the development of events in the case of the eruption (more precisely, the explosion) of the Yellowstone super volcano. In terms of the consequences, it is comparable to a nuclear war.

The explosion will throw out streams of incandescent magma to a height of 50 km. In the first minutes in the USA, all living things within a radius of 500 km and 90% of the alive in a radius of 1200 km will be destroyed, 100 thousand people will die immediately – from suffocation and poisoning with hydrogen sulfide.

All the western coast of the United States will turn into a dead zone, littered with a 1.5-meter layer of ash. The Yellowstone earthquake will provoke the eruption of several hundred volcanoes on Earth.

They will generate a lot of tsunamis, which will wash away all the cities on the Pacific and Atlantic coast. A day later in the US will begin to pour acid rain, which will destroy almost all the vegetation. Ozone hole will expand, also killing all life.
Yellowstone volcano, the latest news: Russia may suffer from a powerful volcano

A month later, clouds of ash and ash will cover the whole Earth from the Sun. Sharp, at 10-20 degrees, cooling will disable gas and oil pipelines, railways, power lines. The Nordic countries (Scandinavia, the north of Russia) will simply cease to exist. But most of all, India and China will suffer.

There, 1,5 billion people will die from starvation in the first months. In total, 2 billion people will die on Earth in the first year. The least cataclysm will affect southern Siberia. “Volcanic winter” will last 4 years. For a whole century, humanity will degrade, plunged into the Middle Ages.

In general, the conclusion is this: in vain the patriots are waiting for Yellowstone to destroy only the US, the whole planet, including Russia, will suffer. According to scientists, Yellowstone literally rushes the magma for the eruption.

The results of recent studies were very frightening. Of course, the exact date of the eruption was not determined by experts, but they no longer declare the sleeping millennia, but speaks of years or decades. If the processes occurring in the vent are activated, then a worldwide catastrophe, which will plunge the planet into a volcanic winter, and all living things on it will turn into heaps of ash, will happen very soon.

Users were frightened by such disappointing forecasts of experts. They note that in the next 3-4 days in the caldera area, 5 points are expected, this may threaten the most serious consequences. American scientists say that it is no longer possible to postpone the Yellowstone problem and urge the world scientific community to join in its solution.

The fact that the Yellowstone volcano can wake up sooner or later, scientists have talked for a long time. But recently they concluded that this could happen in a few decades, which significantly changes the picture.

Scientists from Arizona analyzed volcanic ash and came to the conclusion that all processes inside Yellowstone occur much faster than previously thought.

In this regard, the forecasts have been changed. Now scientists are inclined to believe that the eruption of a super volcano can occur in a few decades, and not in the very distant future, as stated before recent studies.

All because of the fact that a critical amount of magma will accumulate already throughout one human life. A surprising incident with the UFO attack on the volcano occurred in the United States. The network posted a video from Yellowstone Park, where eyewitnesses witnessed the unknown.

Scientific staff at the University of Arizona made disappointing predictions, after which the Network users began to bet on the Yellowstone explosion for several months.

Note that scientists from Arizona have been confirmed that in this area are living processes that are ready to turn the Earth into a pile of ash. The explosion of the volcano will simply immerse the planet in a volcanic winter.

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