Scientists predict a major earthquake in USA and Japan

Fluctuations in the Earth’s surface occur regularly. Often tectonic processes lead to a strong earthquake, which resulted in the killing, not only living creatures, but also changed the landscape. Thanks to modern devices is now an opportunity to predict the probability of occurrence of earthquakes, but to resist this natural power of mankind is not able to. At the moment, restless behavior of underground layers of our planet is becoming increasingly alarming scientists.

March 2, 2016 g of the Indian Ocean earthquake of magnitude of about 8 on the Richter scale. As a result of aftershocks occurred displacement of tectonic plates on the hearth 2 cm Depth was very shallow -. Only 10 km below the ocean surface. Residents of Indonesia and Australia have warned of the possibility of a tsunami, enhancing the flow and appearance of dangerous waves. Fortunately, this time an earthquake tsunami still not provoked, even though Indonesia often suffers from the ravages of the elements. Over the past 12 years, the powerful tsunami claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in more than 10 countries in the Indian Ocean.

Warning signs

However, the surge in seismic activity is observed not only in the Indian Ocean. February 26 via Global Forecast System in the north-western part of the high concentration of CO² shielding gas was detected Pacific. Out of gas recorded near large geological faults, his “way” runs through British Columbia, the territory of the states of Oregon and Washington down to California. The background level of carbon monoxide in those areas exceeded in 50-270 times. The maximum values recorded in Central and Northern California (with the capture of the southern edge of the Cascadia subduction). Apart from carbon monoxide content and increased mentioned sulfur dioxide.

According to geochemical studies, the release of the compounds described above may be a precursor of a powerful earthquake. Experts believe that in the area of the possible epicenter of carbon monoxide ejected from the water to the surface under the influence of the increasing pressure. A similar case took place in India in 2001, where a start of 7.7 points lost 20,000 residents g.Gudzharat. Here, a week before the tragic events of Terra satellite recorded the excessive concentration of CO² shielding gas.

So far, the US Geological organizations do not make a fuss about this phenomenon, it is possible to not to sow panic among the population.

Cascadia subduction zone – a place of alleged mega-catastrophe

Nevertheless, it is clear that the North American authorities seriously concerned about the increasing tectonic activity. The fact that US experts predict an extremely powerful earthquake in the Cascadia subduction. This zone length of about 900 km originates at Cape Mendocino (California) and ends already in the territory of Vancouver (Canada). Here there is a thrust areas of the earth’s crust at each other, and in recent years the risk of a major earthquake in this place grows up steadily. If this happens, the tsunami in the subduction zone is inevitable.

The last time the strongest tremors in Cascadia subduction zone were recorded in 1700, then a giant tsunami dealt a crushing blow to the coast of North America and even got to Japan. Based on the testimony of modern instruments, seismologists have come to the disappointing conclusion that threatening America earthquake, may be even more powerful than a 300 years ago. Simulation of the situation showed that the height of the tsunami wave target will be at least 9 m, which means that Northern California, Seattle, Vancouver, Portland and British Columbia will take the brunt.

To reduce the scale of the disaster to a minimum, even at the beginning of June 2016 the US authorities planned grandiose seismic teachings. Experts say that an earthquake in the Cascadia subduction zone is inevitable. Tectonic tensions of this site is growing steadily, and the catastrophe could erupt at any moment. Experts predict that the probability of an earthquake in the next half-century is equal to 1: 3.

What awaits the country of the rising sun

Another country that is constantly under threat of natural disasters is, of course, Japan. The terrible earthquake that the country experienced in 2011, led to the fact that Japan has moved and continues to drift eastward. In particular, the size of the displacement in the north-eastern prefectures o.Honsyu (Iwate and Miyagi) in some areas reaches 10 cm.

This earthquake also triggered a vertical displacement of soil, causing the soil in some areas has gone down (the maximum amount of subsidence 1m). However, it gradually rises, and scientists have promised that during this century it will rise to previous levels.

But now Japanese experts are alarmed increase of volcanic and seismic activity, which can lead evidence of a surge in the depths of the new epicenter of the earthquake of the Earth, which does not give way to the previous power.

According to experts, today the seismic situation in Tokyo Bay 5 times worse than before the tragic events of 2011, and are fixed ground vibrations near active volcanoes (13 of which are already in Japan). According to Shinji Toda (a leading seismologist Tohoku University), at the moment we are not talking about the normalization of seismic situation and about its deterioration.

It is noteworthy that forecasters have long predicted America and Japan earthquakes of unprecedented strength. One of these predictions written in Sanskrit on palm leaf, stored among the other ancient manuscripts in the library of Palm. The text says that the eastern part of North America and numerous islands become submerged. Victims also California, part of Japan and England. But the Atlantic will get a new island.

The predictions of the ancient sages echoed the voices of modern psychics, including Edgar Cayce and Sergey Vronsky. They also described a very comforting picture of the future for America and Japan. How true the vision of the prophets and the predictions of scientists – only time will tell.

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