Scientists warn of a “methane super bomb” in Siberia

Methane gas stored in the Arctic is escaping to the surface due to climate change and its amount is incomparable with the emissions produced by mankind.

Methane time-bomb consisting of ancient reserves of greenhouse gases trapped in the ice has already been activated and there is little time left before a global methane outburst – the timer for this bomb has already started.

Satellite images of northern Siberia show that vast areas of limestone that used to be trapped under permafrost are coming to the surface and thawing, according to a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. When the limestone heated up during last year’s Siberian heat wave, it began to crack and gas burst out, releasing huge amounts of methane, which until now had been safely isolated from the atmosphere.

“It’s scary,” says Robert Max Holmes, a senior scientist at the Woodwell Center for Climate Studies, “It’s not good news.”

Reverse engineering

Scientists from various European and Russian research institutes have discovered thawing limestone in a roundabout way. Thanks to a mapping technology called PULSE, scientists first detected alarming methane emissions with satellite scans, Inverse reports, and then piece together where they came from.

“We found that the two elongated areas of elevated methane concentration on the PULSE map coincide perfectly with the two bands where limestone formations are embedded in the subsurface,” said lead author of the study, University of Bonn geophysicist Nikolaus Freutzheim.

There is potential for global, worldwide disasters if all the gas currently trapped in the permafrost is released.

“What we do know with great certainty is how much carbon is trapped in the permafrost. It’s a large number, and as the Earth warms and the permafrost melts, this ancient organics becomes available to microbes for microbiological processes, resulting in the release of CO2 and methane.”

Comment: Despite the aggressive promotion of “anthropogenic climate change,” the actual data, which is published quite openly but is essentially unknown to the general public, suggests that the Earth’s climate is cyclical and it is now time for a transition from a warm period to a cold period. That is why the world is feverish and if the countries that used to have a temperate climate are now experiencing unbelievable heat, the warm countries are experiencing frost rages, for which the inhabitants of these countries are not at all prepared. The world is at the junction of two successive climatic periods – the temperate and warm climate is leaving and is being replaced by a Little Ice Age and the activities of human civilization have nothing to do with this, and it is not able to stop or slow down the inevitable by any means.

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