Scientists warned of the likelihood of a powerful tsunami in Italy

According to scientists from the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics. A. A. Trofimuk (INGG SB RAS), one of the main dangers of the Stromboli volcano that once again began to erupt on July 3 is its ability to cause tsunamis. The previous similar event occurred in 2002 and as a result the whole island was flooded 10 meters.

INGG employees actively cooperate with their Italian colleagues and literally several days before the current eruption, they obtained records of seismic data. The information obtained will help build a model of the volcano just before the explosion. According to the director of the institute and the head of the seismic tomography laboratory Ivan Kulakov, such work will be carried out for the first time in the world, and its results are planned to be published in an unnamed prestigious international peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The most important question that scientists want to answer is how earthquakes occur inside a volcano. Usually, they occur in places of stress of hard and brittle rocks in the area of ​​tectonic faults, however, hot and liquid magma is active in the depths of Stromboli. INGG specialists assume that at some point the pressure in the magmatic chamber decreases and the overlying rocks glue the walls of the volcano channels. When the pressure rises again, magma cannot pass through the same path and cracks appear in colder and more fragile rocks – this is what causes the earthquake.

The above mechanisms are not the only factor in the occurrence of a tsunami. One of the slopes of Stromboli – Sciara del Fuoco (“The flow of fire”), is designed so that most of the eruption products fall on him. Periodically, the load on this part of the island becomes too large, there is a collapse and huge masses of rock slide into the sea. The waves arising from the activity of the volcano can cause damage not only to the island itself, where several hundred people live, but also to the western part of Italy, as well as to the whole of Sicily.

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