Scientists warned of the upcoming explosion of the Yellowstone Super Volcano

The Yellowstone cauldron of the Yellowstone in the United States has been so often shaken by an earthquake that experts at Utah State University have issued an official statement on this matter.

University specialists observe and record all the seismic “shifts” occurring in the Yellowstone Park. And recently the behavior of the volcano is not just alarming, but frightening.

The official statement issued by the university says that in just one week, between June 12 and June 20, Yellowstone “issued half of the norm from its annual seismic activity.” 464 earthquakes were recorded, the largest of them was 4.5 points.

The media note that the figure of 4.5 points is somewhat understated so as not to provoke panic among the population. Although an earlier report by the US National Geological Survey reported a five-point earthquake.

The data collected by scientists indicate that there is a huge tension in the Yellowstone caldera, which needs to be found. Experts do not mention the exact date of the eruption, but there is an opinion that it will happen very soon.

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