Seven people killed in flash floods due to heavy rain in Telangana, India

At least seven people, including newlyweds, were killed in flash floods caused by heavy rains in several areas of Telangana state.

In Vikarabad, newlyweds Pravalika and Nawaz Reddy were riding in a car with four other people, returning from a ceremony after their wedding, when the newlywed, her daughter-in-law Shweta and her son, 8-year-old Trinatha Reddy, were washed away by water. The boy is still missing.

After heavy rains, the body of a software engineer was found floating in a drainage ditch in Warangal Sunday night. He was identified as Worrom Kranti Kumar of Shivanagar.

There were reports that another 70-year-old man washed away in a car in Shankarpalli. A 30-year-old worker also washed away in Adilabad.

In Yadadri Bhongir district, two young girls riding a scooter were washed away.

Twelve passengers on a public transport bus were rescued after the vehicle got stuck in a flood of water in Rajanna Sirzilla district.

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