Several volcanoes woke up in different parts of the planet

The planet earth has once again reminded us of its unpredictability and power. Specialists have recorded the activity of several volcanoes, which erupted in the Philippines, the Kuril Islands, Hawaii, and Indonesia. These natural phenomena cause fear and anxiety among people, as they can lead to destruction and death.


In the Philippines two large mountains, Mayon and Taal, woke up. They threw out a large mass of ash, leading to the declaration of an area as a disaster zone and the beginning of evacuations. The authorities of Albay province are planning to evacuate 10 thousand people who live in the four-kilometer zone of the Mayon volcano. According to local media, the last gas eruption of Mayon, which is located on the island of Luzon, was observed in 2018 with the emission of ash and dust.


Volcano Anak Krakatau erupted again in Indonesia. The height of the column of emissions was 3 thousand meters. There are no reports of casualties or destruction at this time.

Kuril Islands

On Thursday, June 8, experts fixed ash blowout at Ebeko volcano on Kuril island Paramushir. Ash blowout occurred there up to 2.5 km above the sea level. The plume spread in a southeasterly direction at a distance of more than 5 kilometers.


Kilauea volcano began to erupt in Hawaii. The Hawaii Volcano Observatory of the U.S. Geological Survey noticed a glow on webcam images at the top of Kilauea, which indicates the beginning of an eruption in the volcanic crater. A code red air danger has been declared here.

Causes of eruptions

According to scientists, the cause of volcanic eruptions is an imbalance within the earth’s crust. This can occur due to geological processes such as tectonic movements, climate change and other factors. In addition, some scientists link volcano activity to human activities such as oil and gas extraction and global warming.

In any case, volcanic eruptions are a reminder that nature is not subject to human laws and can lead to serious consequences. People must be prepared for such natural phenomena and take measures to protect their lives and property.

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