Severe floods hit Querétaro, Mexico

Flooding in the state of Queretaro, Mexico, has damaged homes and displaced hundreds of people. At least four people were killed in the second major flooding in the state in two weeks.

The flooding began after heavy rain on October 01, 2021. Authorities reported that several rivers burst their banks, including the San Juan and Queretaro. High water levels in the dams forced authorities to open the floodgates, prolonging the flooding in some areas.

As of October 04, several municipalities in the state were affected, particularly San Juan del Rio, El Marquez, Corregidora, Juimilapan, Tequizquiapan and Queretaro, which includes the state capital, Santiago de Queretaro.

Local media reported that 3,500 homes and other buildings were damaged, some severely. State authorities said that a full assessment of the damage is still pending. Local media also reported that 2,440 people evacuated their homes. Mexican National Guard troops were called in to help evacuate and clear the area.

Several fatalities related to the flooding have been reported. Two people were killed by flooding on the Queretaro River in the Santa María Magdalena area of Santiago de Queretaro. Another person died after a car plunged into floodwaters on the northern edge of the city. The State Civil Defense Service reported that the body of a man thought to be missing from the river in Santa Teresa in the municipality of Huimilpan was found by search and rescue teams on October 06. There were also unconfirmed reports of two deaths in Corregidor.

This is the second flooding in the area in the past few weeks. Heavy rain and flooding of the San Juan River caused flash flooding in Tequixtiapan and San Juan del Rio in mid-September. Roads were blocked and cars flooded. No injuries or deaths were reported. More than 50 families were evacuated from their homes in La Rueda, San Juan del Rio municipality. The media reported that the flooding was exacerbated by the release of water from the nearby Centenario dam.

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