Shanghai records highest May temperature in 147 years

The Chinese metropolis of Shanghai recorded a historic record high temperature in the last month of spring. The thermometer rose to 36.1 degrees Celsius, which is the highest reading in 147 years. The previous record was set in 1876. Chinese forecasters are predicting continued heat waves in several southern provinces in the coming days.

The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau reported a new temperature record, which was set in the city on May 29. Such high temperatures are abnormal for the month of May and have raised concerns among locals and experts. The previous record, set in 1876, was repeated only three times in the last 145 years.

Chinese forecasters are predicting a continuation of the intense heat in several southern provinces of the country over the next few days. China’s Meteorological Administration said temperatures will rise above 35°C in much of southern China through Wednesday, reaching 37-39°C in some areas. Such a heat wave could lead to serious health consequences and cause concern among the population.

Along with the heat, other regions of China are suffering from heavy rains. In northeastern Sichuan province, thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate due to the threat of flooding. This is a reminder that climate change can lead to extreme weather conditions that will threaten the lives and well-being of millions of people.

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