Sicily has the highest temperature in European history

According to preliminary reports from local meteorologists, southern Italy may have had the highest temperature in Europe. A temperature of 48.8 ° C was recorded on August 11 near the city of Syracuse on the island of Sicily.

In Syracuse, a city on the coast of the Italian island of Sicily, local meteorologists recorded a temperature of 48.8 ° C

The record temperature has not yet been confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization, Live Science reports. The current record in Europe is 48.0 ° C, which was recorded on July 10, 1977 in Athens.

“The Italian Meteorological Service claims that the temperature data of 48.8 ° C is reliable. However, with potential records such as these, a verification process is usually required before they can be officially announced, ”Trevor Mitchell, a meteorologist at UK MetDesk, told The Guardian.

The rise in temperature in Italy is due to the anticyclone that formed over North Africa, according to meteorologists. This anticyclone was named “Lucifer”.

Meteorologists suggest that Lucifer will continue to move north through Italy, which could lead to disastrous consequences. At present, fires are raging in the country, provoked by an abnormal temperature. These fires, according to Live Science, are associated with the deaths of at least four people.

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