Sierra Leone is threatened by the epidemic of cholera

Sierra Leone, which was attacked on Monday by a powerful impact of the elements in the form of floods and landslides, faced the risk of spreading cholera. The flood resulted in the flooding of water treatment facilities. Residents of affected areas drink polluted water through which diseases can be transmitted. Rescuers supply people with cleaning systems, but they are not enough.

“The main problem in the communities that we visited in recent days is that people use water from wells located on the river bank,” says rescue team leader Dak Sesai. “We explained to them that this water can not be consumed, because it is polluted.”

According to local officials, the death toll from floods and landslides in the capital of Freetown has increased to 450, and hundreds more may have disappeared.

“We check the registered registers and try to coordinate them,” the official said. “There are a lot of these lists, because initially this was done by numerous groups that fixed the names of survivors and dead.”

Thousands of people lost their homes. International organizations deliver humanitarian aid to Freetown. Several countries expressed their readiness to provide financial and other support to Sierra Leone.

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