Sights which suffer from climate change

Many legendary sights and places of world heritage suffer from climate change. What of them experience the difficulties because of global warming?

1. Beacon of Cape Hatteras, USA
In 1870 the beacon stood on distance of 457 meters from water on the coast of Cape Hatteras. But by 1999 rise in sea level reduced this distance to 36,5 meters.


2. Glacier National Park, USA
In the middle of the 19th century in the park there were 150 glaciers. By the 20th century there were only 25 ice caps.


3. Venice, Italy
Floods happen four times here a year when water rises higher than 109 cm. If sea level in the next century continues to grow on 30–90 cm a year worldwide, the city will endure such floods of 30-250 times in a year.

4. Jamestown, USA
Scientists foretell that the island will appear under water by the end of 2100 because of rise in level of the ocean.



5. Beacon Gay Hed, USA
Because of rise in sea level and a coastal erosion the beacon appeared at distance of 15-18 meters from the region of the ocean. Every year the distance decreases by 60 cm.


6. Everglades National Park
Rise in sea level, warming of the ocean, penetration of salty water into fresh threaten national park.


7. Ruins of Kilwa, Tanzania
Rise in sea level plays a significant role in development of an erosion which lasts decades.


8. Statue of Liberty, USA
Rise in sea level, storm setup and strong hurricanes put a place of interest at risk. Though the hurricane “Sandie” didn’t hurt a statue in 2012, it was closed for 9 months as 75% of the island of Svoboda were flooded by a flood.


9. Ulysses Grant’s memorial, USA
Bronze is destroyed by acid rains which number recently вохросзло because of strong air pollution.


10. Acropolis, Greece
Pollutants and exhaust gases of cars in Athens promote frequent drop-out of an acid rain. Pollution destroys sculptures and painting of the Acropolis.


11. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Warming and oxidation of the ocean and phenomenon of El Niño kill corals which become colourless and perish.


12. National park of Dray-Tortugas, USA
The park suffers from hurricanes and increase in global sea level.


13. National park of Joshua-three, USA
If temperature of the planet increases by three degrees Celsius, 90% of trees of the park will disappear to the end of the century.


14. Embarkadero Embankment in San Francisco, the USA
Double threat from rise in sea level and earthquakes — a scourge of a place of interest.


15. New Orleans, USA
The seaport is in the low area. The soil flash, growth of sea level and strong hurricanes call into its existence into question.


16. Island Tangyer, USA
The flash of the soil and rise in sea level became the reason of acceleration of rise in sea level which is twice higher than the average world value here.


17. Boston, USA
Boston is threatened by land subsidence and rise in level of the ocean which for the last century increased on 25 cm.


18. House Farnsuort, USA
The urbanization, drain of storm waters and growth of water level in the neighboring river Fox can destroy the unique building.


19. Annapolis, USA
As well as many others port the cities, Annapolis suffers from constant floods.


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