Since the beginning of the year in the U.S. lightning killed 18 people

In the US lightning killed a 14-year-old boy last Friday, it was the second death due to lightning in three days.

The number of deaths from lightning all over the U.S. since the beginning of the year currently stands at 18. On average, 49 people are killed from lightning strikes each year in the country and hundreds are severely injured. According to the estimates of meteorologists, 25 million lightning flashes occur each year in the United States.

Many lightning strikes are harmless and do not affect people and the environment. However, it should be remembered that only one lightning strike to endanger human life and damage to property.

As soon as you hear the thunder, there is lightning danger. Lightning can strike people and buildings 16 km from the place where it is raining. In very rare cases of lightning appear in 80 km from the storm.

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