Since the beginning of the year, more than 12 million people have been affected by natural disasters in China

In the first quarter of this year, from natural disasters in China, 12 million 722 thousand people were injured, 53 people were killed, two people are missing, 54 thousand people left their homes, 162 thousand people needed emergency assistance.

According to official data, as a result of the influence of various elements, about 3,000 buildings were destroyed, more than 6,000 rooms were seriously damaged, crops on the area of ​​69.8 thousand hectares were completely destroyed, the total area affected by the disaster of agricultural crops exceeded 1 million. ha.

The most severely affected regions were hail, strong wind, frost, snowfall and low temperatures. The damage was caused also by mudslides, landslides, rock collapse, earthquakes, forest fires, floods and droughts.

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