Snowfall in St. Petersburg

The influence of the northern periphery of the cyclone turned into a snow surprise. Wet snow lasted about a day and at times was strong. The meteorological range of visibility deteriorated to 500 meters.

In St. Petersburg for a day fell half the monthly rainfall. The snow cover has recovered. On the morning of April 14, its height was 11 cm. In the northeast of the region – in the Lodeinoe field – drifts of up to 19 cm were planted.

In Shlisselburg, there was a sticking of wet snow with a sediment diameter of up to 8 mm. The weather was wintry in winter. Gusts of wind reached 11 m / s. There was a snowstorm in the area. The average daily temperature dropped to 0. By the morning of April 14, the cyclone left St. Petersburg. In the northern metropolis cleared up, it got colder to -5.

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