Snowfalls in the west of China

Strong snowfalls tied up life in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. As a result of difficult weather conditions, 20 thousand people were injured, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China reported.

The snow did not abate for several days. In the power of bad weather, there were 14 districts and three cities in Shigatse and Shannan districts.

Because of the cold in Tibet, more than 4 thousand yaks and sheep were killed.

Direct economic losses, according to the Ministry, amounted to about 2.18 million US dollars (15 million yuan). According to the CCTV channel, because of the blizzard in Tibet, many roads were impassable, there were power failures.

The Nyalam county in the city of Shigatse, where 198 cars were buried under the snow, was badly affected by the snowfall. The height of the snow cover in the area reached 77 cm. Vehicles had to be dug out with shovels. In these works, a total of 96 local police officers were involved.

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