South Africa is experiencing its coldest nights with frosts as low as -8 Celsius

Frosty weather across South Africa. Snow has fallen in Sutherland, Kimberley, Willowmore and many other places. Widespread frosts are predicted, and Gauteng province recorded one of the coldest nights this decade.

This is the latest in a series of cold fronts to hit South Africa this week. The dropping temperatures will continue through the weekend. Temperatures will drop below freezing in parts of the Free State and Gauteng provinces, and snow is forecast in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape.

Forecaster Wayne Venter: “We’re looking at a Friday morning minimum temperature of -6 to -8 degrees Celsius. In the Gauteng province we also expect some low temperatures for today and the weekend, and we continue to expect snowfall in the high elevation areas of the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces.”

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