Southern Europe faces a record crop failure

Southern Europe faces a record crop failure. Because of the longest drought in two decades, drought can reduce by 60-70%. Because of the heat, rivers, lakes, reservoirs dry up. In danger, wheat of all varieties, sunflower, olives, almonds.

According to Italian farmers, this year is not bad – it is catastrophic.

Ilaria Salvadori, agronomist:

– Loss of sunflower, soft and hard wheat – from 40% to 60%. Sunflower seeded on time, we are ready to collect a month before the deadline. And who sowed later – at that plant practically without leaves and seeds, they did not have enough water.

Drought has caused and large-scale fires throughout the south of the Old World – forests are burning in France, Spain, Portugal.

The World Meteorological Organization considers this to be a clear indication of climate change:

“If you look back, there have been not many such extraordinary events in the last 150 years, but over the past three decades we have been celebrating them more and more,” said Organization spokesman Omar Baddur.

In many regions of Southern Europe, the state of emergency operates. So, in Rome this week they discussed the possibility to limit water supply – as seriously the shallower Lake Bracciano, the main source of drinking water for the Italian capital.

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