Southern Europe may soon become a real desert

Some parts of southern Europe, including southern Spain and Portugal, may turn into a desert if global warming continues at the same rate as now.

To such conclusion scientists from the University of AIX-Marseille. Their study published in the journal Science.

Mediterranean region will be among the most affected in the world from global warming, scientists believe.

In their study, the experts used historical data and computer models to predict potential impact of climate change. They have developed several scenarios, depending on the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and rising temperatures.

The only scenario in which the ecosystem of the Mediterranean sea basin will remain without any changes, involves a rise in global average temperature of 1 degree Celsius compared to the preindustrial period. In fact, this growth has already occurred.

If the average global temperature will rise by 2 degrees, the South of Spain and Portugal, and certain regions of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, southern Turkey and parts of Syria will become a desert by the end of this century.

Mediterranean region due to global warming will suffer from droughts and high temperatures. This threatens the plants grown here, including oaks and olive trees.

The average temperature in the Mediterranean region have already risen by 1.3 degrees Celsius since the late nineteenth century. Scientists urge governments to reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere and slow climate change, to preserve the ecosystem of the Mediterranean region.

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