Spain storms “Felix”

Spain stormed “Felix”, accompanied by heavy rains, powerful winds at speeds up to 140 km / h, floods and waves up to ten meters. As a result of various incidents related to bad weather, five people were injured.

So, in the autonomous community of Galicia on Saturday evening, two people were injured as a result of a tree falling on a car in the municipality of Laracha in the province of La Coruna. In the municipality of El Pino, a man was injured as a result of a collision of an all-terrain vehicle with a fallen tree. In the municipality of Linares, the province of Jaen, the market building collapsed, and a police officer was injured.

In many coastal regions, the highest “red” warning was announced because of the bad weather.

Hundreds of incidents across the country were due to flooding. So, in the city of Badajoz, an autonomous community of Extremadura, three people fled from flood waters in anticipation of rescuers on the roofs of their cars.

Landslides have come down in places, making traffic difficult.

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