Spring floods in Russia flooded 34 settlements

Spring floods in Russia flooded more than 30 settlements, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation reported.

“To date, 34 settlements, about 1,100 homestead plots and 48 low-water bridges have been flooded in a number of regions.” There are no flooded economic and residential buildings, “the source said.

As a result of flooding of bridges and road sections in Kirov, Kostroma, Kurgan, Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions, 33 settlements were cut off. Some of them organized 16 boat crossings.

“In cooperation with local authorities, the work of operational headquarters and operational groups of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia has been organized.” The vital activity of the population has not been violated, “the Emergencies Ministry said.

Rescuers conduct detour rounds, pump out water, fill the ground with low places, check gas facilities and energy facilities. “Medical workers are on duty in the settlements, uninterrupted supply of products is established,” the ministry said. In the fight against floods, more than 800 people and 350 pieces of equipment are involved.

The Ministry of Emergencies reported that the spring flood is developing in accordance with the forecast.

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