Starving and Evil: American Rats Fall Into Cannibalism

American rats have been hit hard by the introduction of global self-isolation because of the “crown” pandemic,
and since many businesses, such as restaurants and grocery stores, are closed or restricted, rats are on the brink of survival.

Restaurants close by thousands, not only in New York, but around the world.

Rats lived near these restaurants and for decades there were generations of rats that depended on this restaurant food, but now these places where they ate were closed. What remains for them:

– cannibalism
– battle for food
– infanticide

This is exactly the same as we saw in the history of mankind, where people are trying to seize the land, and they come with armies and fight to the death for who will conquer this land and resources.

And this is exactly what happens to rats. A new “army” of rats appears, and that army that has the most powerful rats is going to conquer this area.

Rats whose food sources have disappeared will not simply move to other colonies and cause warfare. They will eat each other.

“They are mammals like you and me, and therefore, when you are very, very hungry, you will not act as before – you will act very badly and do anything to get food,” explains Bobby Corrigan, a rat student. “These rats are fighting each other, now adults are killing the cubs in the nest and devouring them.”

Residents of densely populated urban areas and some rural areas of the country coexisted with these rats, however, in recent weeks due to a pandemic in some cities, cases of their detection have become more frequent.

In New Orleans, where the Governor of Louisiana imposed a quarantine that closed many restaurants, especially in popular tourist areas such as the French Quarter, crowds of rats take to the streets to find food. And officials said social distancing is to blame.

“What is happening in the world is just driving rodents crazy,” said Mayor Latoya Cantrell at a press conference late last month. “And what the rodents do, they seek food and water.” This puts our street homeless in a terrible, terrible position. And that’s why I’m so focused on it right now. “

Claudia Rigel, director of the New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board, told the Times-Picayune that the city is preparing aggressive pest control measures.

“These rats are hungry, so we want them to eat our bait,” she said, adding that the city “will put a lot of pressure, at least for the next month,” until the rat population decreases.

Washington, DC is also taking rodent control measures. Mayor Muriel Bowser closed restaurants and other businesses, but designated pest control workers as essential services.

Before the pandemic, pest control measures, including the use of feral cats, were already actively used in the city.

Over the past 30 days, about 500 rodent calls have been made in the city, according to city data 311.

In neighboring Baltimore, where there is a reliable rat extermination program, city data show that there were about 11,000 “active” calls or online queries about rats during the same period.

Rats are very smart animals. If this lock drives them crazy, then what about people?

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