State of emergency in the Kuban: a dredge occurred on the dam of the Kryukovsky reservoir

In the vicinity of the village of Mikhailovskiy, there was a subsidence of the shore of the Kryukovskoye reservoir, 150 meters wide and 2 meters deep. To eliminate the danger, the forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were thrown up, which last night strengthened the dam with concrete and rubble. Because of the threat of a dam breaking, 200 people were evacuated, including residents of the old people’s home.

Local residents were immediately notified of the probability of a dam breaking through. According to the Ministry for Emergencies at the moment, the strengthening of the dam and the elimination of the failure of the ground have been completed and the population is not threatened.

The water level line is below the surface line of the dam. To reduce the level of the reservoir, the water discharge was increased to 60 cubic meters. M. Per second.

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