Storm flood blocked tourists in Arizona

Spectacular rescue operation on the waterfalls of Tank Verde in Arizona was filmed on video. The torrential flood caught 17 tourists, most of whom had to be evacuated by helicopter.

The video shows how a police helicopter is transporting tourists to a safe place. Eight of them, including a four-year-old child, were rescued on Sunday. Two more were transported by air on Monday. The remaining tourists were rescuers when the water came down.

The National Weather Service has declared its readiness for flash floods in the desert regions of the Southwest of the United States. There the Masonic Moisture will continue to feed daytime thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms, which have developed on Monday, will continue on Tuesday. Downpours will probably cause floods in the deserts of the Southwest and in the center of the southern Rockies.

Rainwater activity will spread to the Great Basin and to the north of the Rocky Mountains, although the precipitation there will be weak. However, flash floods in these areas are not ruled out.

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