Storm in St. Petersburg

On December 26 in connection with the strengthening wind and a possible increase in the water level of threat criteria, the decision was made to maneuver the gates of the Complex of structures protecting St. Petersburg from flooding, to eliminate the threat of possible flooding and minimize the consequences.

In connection with the expected rise of water level up to 110-140 cm at hydrological post “Mountain Institute” the leadership of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for Saint-Petersburg together with the management of the Complex of structures protecting St. Petersburg from floods was made the operational decision to close the culverts B1 – B6, as well as navigation structure C2 of GLC. The closure of the navigation structures of C1 is not planned.

The court is scheduled to pass through the GLC, to stay on schedule. The maximum water level rise was predicted in the period from 19:00 to 20:00 on 26 December. Photo from archive of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia of St. Petersburg Maneuvering gates culverts and navigation structures With-2, blocking access to the dangerous waters to the Delta of the Neva river, was carried out for seven hours. Currently, the conditions returned to normal. The valves are shown in position.

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