Strong forest fires rage in Scotland

Three large forest fires covered hundreds of square meters of forest in the highlands in the Torridon, Strathcarron and Skye areas of Highland, Scotland.

About 1,200 houses and businesses in the mountains were left without electricity after a forest fire damaged the transformer at Lochcarron substation. Hundreds of objects in the north-west of the region were left without light during some of the most festive days of the year. The owners of hotels and restaurants could not provide food for their guests.

In particular, Torridon, Diabeg, Shildaig, Alligin, Kishorn, Strathkarron and Applecross were affected.

The fight against fires continues. The authorities are investigating the reasons for their occurrence.

Most of Scotland is warned of a high fire hazard due to the high temperature on the background of arid conditions.

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