Strong rain caused flood in Armenian village

A heavy rain in the village of Lernagog in Armenia flooded about 50 houses, demolished the walls of a single canal and caused a huge loss to the au pair. Rescuers eliminated the consequences of floods along with the villagers.

According to local residents such a heavy rain in the village was not more than 30 years. The only channel for tapping mudflow waters with the flow failed. The water not only went beyond it and flooded nearby territories, but demolished the walls of the canal.

Local farmers suffered heavy losses. About 2 thousand chickens perished in one farm only.

“Now there are about 900 chickens left here. We ran to get them out of here, but the door did not open. Streams of water came through the windows. As a result, the flow of water carried them through the doors to the next room, “said Sarnen Ohanyan, a resident of Lernagog.

People struggled with the elements all night. They used cars and buses to guard against the powerful flow of water.

In the private sector, the situation is the most difficult. The water has demolished the walls of the houses. All the yards are flooded.

“You see, it all happened after the rain. Until the morning, together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, they fought with water, “says Artak Sargsyan, a resident of Lernagog.

The head of the village Sargis Margaryan says: there is not enough of one channel for the whole village.

“The water was coming down from those slopes. And I poured three big streets. Building a new channel is not cost effective, very expensive. But if, God forbid, to repeat again, then we will have to take measures, “the official said.

Residents of apartment buildings complain: such floods – a phenomenon not uncommon. During heavy rain, the cellars are flooded instantly.

“At night everything was swimming here. You see, everything is wet. The walls are not dry yet. They begin to rot. I’m afraid that a couple more such cases and our house will collapse, “the resident said. Lernagog Karen Harutyunyan.

Now workers of the regional center bypass each house and assess the damage. Residents of the affected area hope to receive compensation.

The damage caused by the elements is only to be assessed. After that the villagers plan to apply to the government for help.

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